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Turn Your iPad Into A Guitar Teacher with Miso Music

If you’ve been meaning to learn the guitar, this would be the perfect solution for you. Miso Music has some exciting features, which seperate it from any other guitar learning app out there. This looks like one of the best guitar training applications we’ve seen.

Miso Music just won the People’s Choice Award at TechCrunch Disrupt, after receiving the most votes from conference attendees from 2010.

This application might just be the best guitar teacher the ipad and iphone have ever seen!

First, you choose a song; Miso has licensed music from Sony/ATV, which gives them rights to include music from The Beatles, Justin Bieber, Carrie Underwood, and more. After picking a song, you’ll see a bunch of colorful dots scroll across the screen representing each note you’re supposed to play.

Another great feature which got me excited; Miso will actually listen to what you’re playing.

Every time you pluck a string, Miso will use its polyphonic note detection to hear what you’ve played — play the right note and the tab appearing on the screen will scroll a bit, which means you can keep playing continuously without having to turn the page. This really is the highlight of the app, and it’s what separates it from other guitar learning apps.

The application also includes a bunch of virtual instruments, the sounds of which have been licensed from Fender guitars.

Main Features

  • Specifically designed for the iPad & iPhone platforms!
  • Choose from 6 different types of instruments.
  • Vibrato, hammer-ons / pull-offs, harmonics & the ability to capo frets.
  • Use polyphonic note detection software that uses the device’s built-in microphone to determine if the correct notes are being played.
  • Includes a strobe tuner accurate enough to tune a drum set!

You can download misoMusic for FREE starting in October. Get ready to Pick, Pluck, Play, and learn to play the guitar today.

2 Responses

Sep 28, 2010

This is a great idea. Using the note detection should be killer for helping people learn how to play guitar. If this takes off, it will be like Guitar Hero only people will be learning how to play guitar as they use it.

Wow now I know why do I need iPad :)

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