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Taylor T3 Guitar Wins Product of the Year

At the recent NAMM show the Taylor T3 was awarded the “Product of the Year” by The Music and Sound Retailer magazine. This semihollow guitar was introduced at the NAMM show and has since gone on to receive positive reviews from almost everyone. Both the T3/B (Bigsby) and T3 (stop tail piece) models incorporate a […]

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Dunlop’s New Volume Pedal

Up till now, the standard workhorse volume pedal has been Ernie Ball. I have never even considered using a different pedal, as pretty much every single guitarist I talked to recommended the Ernie Ball volume pedal.

Most Popular Acoustic Guitars (Top 3)

What do you think is the most popular acoustic guitar in the world? OK, this was much harder than I thought. Trying to find the most popular acoustic guitar is like trying to convince a Gibson fanatic that Fender is better (not that I think that). Acoustic guitars bring a lot of joy, to people […]

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Guitar Review – Duesenberg

There is a guitar becoming more and more popular named Duesenberg. What is so good about this guitar, why are people getting excited about it and why do I get the feeling it will be my next dream guitar?

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Top 5 Guitar Videos – Live At Abbey Road Studios

The featured musicians will perform inside a studio environment, without a television presenter or public audience; each artist will perform songs which will be interspersed with intimate interviews.

Poly Tune – Possibly the worlds best tuner!

TC Electronics have just released their new Poly Tune pedal, which tunes every string on your guitar at once. No longer will you need to tune one string at a time. Needless to say, I want one! The magic lies in a never before seen approach to tuning aimed at speed, accuracy and ease of […]

Musician’s Friend & Guitar Center Savings Coupons!

I stumbled across these coupons tonight, and thought they might come in handy for someone. These coupons are for both Musician's Friend & Guitar Center. Hopefully you'll save some money with these!

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Latest Video Roundup (4 Videos)

Here is the weekly roundup of the latest videos circulating the web. I have sifted through piles of new videos to try to find the most interesting for your viewing pleasure.


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The top 3 pedals (almost) every guitarist needs

When setting up your guitar pedal board, you are more than likely to spend hours and hours in the shop trying to decide which pedals you need in order to pull an awesome sound with your guitar/amp combination.

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