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5 Secrets To A Great Guitar Solo (With Video Examples)

Most songs you hear today have some sort of guitar solo however some solos stand out above the rest. What is the secret to a great guitar solo?… I’m glad you asked!

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27 Stunning Photos Of Crazy Guitar Pedal Boards

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next pedal board setup or you just love looking at awesome pedal board rigs, look no further!

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Unbelievable! The Big Daddy Pedal Board Giveaway

To celebrate Father’s Day, ToneFactor are giving away a complete pedal board with 5 guitar pedals. Not only that, you get to choose which 5 pedals you would like. You don’t want to miss this!

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Top 17 Most Crazy Guitar Mods Ever!

Ever wanted to find a guitar that was a little more than just ‘different’? From the smallest modification to the most extreme makeover, this list of crazy guitars just has to be seen to be believed.

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Weekly Tutorial Update – 3 Guitar Lessons

In this weeks lessons you’ll learn how to play Sixpences “Kiss Me” on acoustic, some classic AC/DC Licks and a cool sounding ‘Pink Panther’ style lick.

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Backup Guitar Amp In A Stompbox – The 22 Caliber

Imagine the following scenario; you’re at a gig just about ready to rock out with your band when your Vox AC-30 blows a tube! What do you do?

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Win This Pedal: Pigtronix Philosophers Tone – Limited Edition

The Pigtronix Philosophers Tone Germanium Gold is the new version of one of the best compressors / sustainers available.

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Jeff Beck Records New Album With Only 3 Fingers

Jeff Beck had to complete his latest album ‘Emotion & Commotion’ with just three fingers after he had an accident in the kitchen and almost lost one of his fingers.

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Top 21 YouTube Channels For Free Guitar Lessons

Youtube is one of the most popular places to find online guitar lessons, however there are a lot of videos to filter through in order to find quality lessons. So, to make it easier for you, I’ve made a list of the top 21 Youtube channels for free guitar lessons.

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5 Live Guitar Music Videos Featuring: Temper Trap

Well, it’s time for another weekly roundup of Guitar Videos. This week I have spent quite a few hours to hand select some great live videos of ‘Temper Trap’ for your inspiration.

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