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LsL Telecaster Review | Vintage ’52

I received an email about these LsL handmade guitars this week, and after finding out more about them, I just had to share ‘the love’.

LsL Guitars is a new company in California under the direction of Lance Lerman.

At the moment they exclusively produce telecaster type guitars as if they are vintage specimen of the year 1952. They feature swamp ash bodies, “C” profile maple necks, LSL custom-wound pickups and all the metal parts, hardware and fretboards are manually aged to create a near authentic played, not beaten appearance.

The best feature: every guitar is handmade; the way that Leo Fender used to do it.

LsL's Aged T-Bone SA

LsL's Aged T-Bone SA

Incredible value for money, and furthermore, just incredible value. If you are a tele players, you must check these out, they may be the only tele guitar you will ever need.

Some Specs

The LsL T-Bone Aged Guitars come standard with the following:

  • Lightweight, Handmade Swamp Ash Bodies
  • LSL custom, hand-wound, vintage style pickups
  • Each guitar’s fingerboard is manually worn based on photographs of actual vintage instruments. Edges are hand rounded for a silky-smooth feel.
  • Each instrument is individually aged, set-up, signed, numbered and named

You can read the full list of specs on the LsL website.

Video Demo

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