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Pink Floyd Fan Gift Buying Guide

If you have a Pink Floyd fan on your gift list, then you have possibilities you may have never even considered. A comprehensive Pink Floyd fan gift buying guide includes the things that would interest fans of the band beyond buying the newest re-mix of a Pink Floyd studio album.

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Top 5 Guitar Solos

It can be difficult to choose the top 5 guitar solos because music is a very subjective field. However you can be sure of one thing. Any solos by a guitarist are integral parts of a song. The guitarist is able to bring his talent and skill to the attention of fans.

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27 Stunning Wallpapers made just for Guitarists

If you’re looking for a nice photo for your next wallpaper, you should be able to find something worthwhile in the following collection. Guitar photos just look so good on your desktop!

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Joe Bonamassa talks about the Fender Telecaster

Ever wanted to know what to use a telecaster for? This video will probably get you excited! Seriously, if you can learn these different tones and techniques, you should be proud of yourself 😉

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How to make a guitar sound awesome with only 3 strings

If you have ever broken a string mid-song, imagine what would happen if you broke 3 strings! This guy make his guitar sound amazing with only 3 strings in tact.

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7 Amazing Guitar Hacks / Mods

Have you ever wanted to modify / hack you guitar or guitar pedals and create something the world has never seen or heard? If you have even a slight interest in this area, you might enjoy the following post :)

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5 Street Guitarists That Will Blow Your Mind!

Often you’ll see buskers in the street who are pretty damn awful and haven’t got a clue how to play an instrument. Then every now and then, you’ll spot a gem. These are a few examples of “gems”.

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The World’s Most Expensive Guitar

Introducing ‘The GoldCaster’, the world’s first and only real gold guitar. ‘The GoldCaster’ is a custom made hollowbody guitar that features a solid 18 Karat Gold Top. This is currently the only gold guitar in existence and it is being offered for US$1 Million.

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Brian May Talks About Hand-Making His Guitar

The Red Special is an electric guitar owned by guitarist Brian May and custom built by May and his father at home. He has used it on albums and in live performances for more than 30 years.

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Armless Man Plays Guitar With His Feet.. Unbelievable!

Mark Goffeney is a truly inspirational player. He shows off his guitar skills as he plays with his feet while busking on a busy street. The first time I saw this video, I was blown away!

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