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Which Digital Unit Is Better (Axe Fx / 11 Rack / Line 6 X3 Pro)?

Digital is, in fact, improving and quickly growing to be a preferred choice of some guitarists. So if you are interested to see what are the best options in the digital world for guitarists, here are is a shootout/comparison between, Axe FX, 11 Rack & the Line 6 X3.

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The World’s First Open Source Guitar Effects Stomp Box

There has been quite a buzz about the new OpenStomp pedal. With this pedal you can develop custom audio effects (ie. distortion, echo, chorus etc) with the included software, mix multiple effects to build ‘patches’, and exchange those effects and patches with the OpenStomp community.

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Demo / Review – Pigtronix Philosopher King

This pedal is amazing.. The first thing I thought of when checking it out was the movie Spinal Tap, “Listen to the sustain!” With the Swell and Fade functions switched off, the Philosopher King provides transparent optical compression with endless sustain on tap.

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iShred & iRig – Guitar Effects on The iPhone

Ever felt the urge to practice guitar but you didn’t have your full rig handy (ie. amp and pedals)? Or thought about how cool it would be to play some sick guitar riffs with just a guitar and an iphone. Well, this could be the answer to your… urges :)

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Z. Vex Wah Probe – Pedal Review

I recently bought myself one of these pedals to add to my board and I can’t wait to use it live. No one makes effects like Z.Vex. Not only are these pedals the most unique looking pedals around, they are also some of the most unique sounding units to hit the guitar market.

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Guitar Myth Busted! Is This Better than True Bypass?

Ok, so I came across this video last night that explains how Visual Sound’s “Pure Tone Buffer” is actually better than true bypass. While I didn’t believe it at first, the video demonstration led my ears to convince me. What do you guys think?

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Backup Guitar Amp In A Stompbox – The 22 Caliber

Imagine the following scenario; you’re at a gig just about ready to rock out with your band when your Vox AC-30 blows a tube! What do you do?

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Win This Pedal: Pigtronix Philosophers Tone – Limited Edition

The Pigtronix Philosophers Tone Germanium Gold is the new version of one of the best compressors / sustainers available.

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Build Your Own Amp – Video Review – DIY Mod Amp Kit

Ever wanted to build your own amp? This kit comes with everything you need to build your own point-to-point valve amp. All you need to provide are hand tools, a soldering iron and a love for beautiful valve amps.

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New Overdrive / Distortion Pedal: Fulltone PlimSoul

Fulltone have come out with a new overdrive / distortion pedal called the ‘Plimsoul’. It’s main feature: Supposedly combines the two main types of overdrive/distortion tones into one pedal.

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