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Easily Copy Famous Guitar Solos

Every guitar player will have listened to a piece of music and thought “I’d love to be able to play that” but then when they listen carefully they realize that there is no way they can work out the individual notes due to the speed they are played at or the background noise (the other […]

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Guitar Zoom Review

[wptexttospeech] If you have been searching the internet for guitar instruction materials, such as DVDs and Online courses, you’ve no doubt run across Guitar Zoom . They offer a wide variety of DVDs for practicing guitarists. The product I will be reviewing is titled “Ripfire”, by author Dan Denley. Ripfire is a 20+ DVD package […]

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Jamorama Review – Value For Money Online Guitar Classes

If you are a person who wants to learn guitar, but finding it difficult to spare time because of your busy schedule, do not lose hope. You can seek help from Jamorama’s online guitar course. You can learn and improve your guitar skills from the comfort of your house and at your convenience!

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Why Self Teaching is More Effective Than Lessons When Learning Guitar

Many new guitarists believe that taking formal lessons is the only way to effectively learn how to play the guitar. While being taught by a private instructor may seem like the way to go, it is expensive and often causes a loss of interest.

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Pink Floyd Fan Gift Buying Guide

If you have a Pink Floyd fan on your gift list, then you have possibilities you may have never even considered. A comprehensive Pink Floyd fan gift buying guide includes the things that would interest fans of the band beyond buying the newest re-mix of a Pink Floyd studio album.

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Top 5 Guitar Solos

It can be difficult to choose the top 5 guitar solos because music is a very subjective field. However you can be sure of one thing. Any solos by a guitarist are integral parts of a song. The guitarist is able to bring his talent and skill to the attention of fans.

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27 Stunning Wallpapers made just for Guitarists

If you’re looking for a nice photo for your next wallpaper, you should be able to find something worthwhile in the following collection. Guitar photos just look so good on your desktop!

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Win an Eric Clapton Fender Strat [Ends Nov 4]

To celebrate the release of Eric Clapton’s 19th solo album on Sept. 28, Fender is giving you a chance to win his signature Fender Stratocaster model and the sold-out Clapton Deluxe Limited Edition Bundle – a collectible 24-karat-gold CD.

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Turn Your iPad Into A Guitar Teacher with Miso Music

If you’ve been meaning to learn the guitar, this would be the perfect solution for you. Miso Music has some exciting features, which seperate it from any other guitar learning app out there. This looks like one of the best guitar training applications we’ve seen.

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Joe Bonamassa talks about the Fender Telecaster

Ever wanted to know what to use a telecaster for? This video will probably get you excited! Seriously, if you can learn these different tones and techniques, you should be proud of yourself ;)

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